Baly Yarn Dyeing Limited


Baly Yarn Dyeing Limited is equipped with modern and sophisticate machineries, with foreign expertise to ensure the quality products. We have a modern laboratory to justify the color specification and dyeing quality. Factory location is near to Dhaka and outside of EPZ to providepromt service. We have all types of communication facilities and well trained executive to ensure good service.



Laboratory is equipped with modern machinery, where expert professionals are work to find the precise recipe of color swatch and various quality test of dyed yarn. Our motto is to give you service that can keep your production uninterrupted, Reliable and satisfactory customer service.


Quality Assurance

At Yarn Concept, skilled craftsmen make every product to perfection. Strict quality measures are taken at every stage of production to ensure excellent quality. Finest raw material is used in the manufacturing process and all items have premium finish and texture. We take utmost care when the matter of quality arises and do not leave any stone unturned. It is due our quality products that we have been recognized world over.


Environmental Caucuses

Our products are free from toxic chemicals i.e. azo which are harmful for human body.We have very modern water treatment plant to treat the effluent before expose to environment. 


Yarn Products:

BALY yarn dyeing produce various types of products such as: 1) 100% acrylic 2/32, 2) 100% acrylic 2/36, 3) 100% cotton 2/20, 2/32, 4) 50% acrylic 50% cotton 2/20, 2/28, 5) 40% acrylic 60% cotton rovin 2/16, 6)`100% acrylic mohir like yarn 1/5.5, 7) 100% acrylic cotton like 2/26, 8) 100% acrylic smling 1/9, 9) 100% acrylic cashmire like 2/32, 2/36, 10) 70% acrylic 30% wool 2/32, 11) 50% acrylic 50% wool, 12) 100% acrylic chenille 1/2.2, 1/3.5, 1/4.5, 13) 80% acrylic 20% nylon 2/36 And other fancy yarn.


Company Information:


Year of Establishment: 2004
Production Capacity 170,000 LBS per day
Total number of employees 220
Kind of machine Spray hank dyeing Machine
Number of spindles 310
Ware house capacity 80 Tons
Floor space 1,25,000 sft
Total land area 20 acres